Olivia and Zamu Showcase

Drove down to Phoenix to taken in the Zamu Tour April 26th. John Easterling founded of Amazon Herb Company gave an informative presentation on his new product ZAMU. For more information on this product as well as the rest of his Amazon Rainforest product I have place a link to their website.

The following is for my Olivia Newton-John friends.

Good friend Cori and I attended this stop. The presentation last about 2 hours and afterwards John and Olivia had a meet and greet with the attendees. Cori had Olivia sign a Nashville Poster and 2000 Olympics CD. They chatted and both were laughing and John was standing back and enjoying the two of them has fun.

When I went up to greet Olivia and John, John said “Hi, Rolf” I said “Hi John”. Olivia winked at me and said “Whats in here?” as she reached for the bag I had place on the table. I think John was a little shocked that Olivia went straight for the bag. No “hello” or “how are you”. I told that I had her Godiva biscuits and Easter eggs for her and John and cookies for their two dogs, Jack and Sherlock” She said “cookies for the dogs? That’s soo cute.” She told John “he always brings me goodies”.

I asked her if she wouldn’t mind signing a couple of things. No Problem. She signed Suzanne’s favorite CD – Grace and Gratitude and a photo for one of her co-workers.

While she was signing we chatted about a few things but mostly about doing another Vegas concert and she said maybe in 2010. So I am hoping.

John, Olivia and I at Phoenix Zamu Showcase.John, Olivia and I at Phoenix Zamu Showcase.

Olivia at the Ryman

We just got back from Nashville today Feb. 27th. Suzanne and I took a quick trip back east to see Olivia Newton John in concert. I haven’t seen her in concert for several years and have never been to the historical Ryman for a concert, so when this show was announced it was a given that I would be there.

All the effort to get to this concert was worth it. Olivia was in perfect shape, and her vocals were great too. She turned 60 last year but could pass for 45. She sang all of hits and even had a special guest, Barry Gibb, join her on stage. What an amazing show.

She is one artist who realizes that her fans have changed her life and she is gives all of her gratitude back to them.

Having been a fan of hers for 35 years I am happy to be seeing her in concert one more time. But if she performs close to Vegas again I will be there again.
Barry Gibb and Olivia Newton-John
Ryman Auditorium Nashville Tn.  2008Barry Gibb and Olivia Newton-John Ryman Auditorium Nashville Tn. 2008

2010 Year Review

2010 was a difficult year for me.  Lost two people who meant a lot to me. My uncle past on July 1st.  He took us to snow when we where kids, always there if you need a helping hand.  One of the biggest Stanford fans.  I know he is happy this year.  His Cardinals are doing great.

Capt Phil Harris died in Feb. I only met him once for maybe 5 minutes but after talking to him I felt like I had know him my whole life. Commercial fishermen have that kind of bond.  Watching Deadliest Catch is “strange” without being there.

I want to give a shout out for those people/moments that made some of the days of 2010 enjoyable:

To James and Lori: thanks for being good friends to Suzanne and I, yall always got my back.

To Marty: Thanks for getting us out of the house in Feb.  You, George, Reba and LeAnn, it was a great concert.

To Jr.:  July 2nd at Daytona  # 3 in victory lane again.

To Al D:  Only you understand my sickness.  # 3 forever.

To the Freak, the Beard, the Panda and the rest of the San Francisco Giants: World Series Champs!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now I have seen all three SF sports team win a championship.

To DEGA: What a great time at the BEST track in NASCAR. Lap # 3 Jr. leading them 3 wide.

To the Stanford Cardinal Football:   A++++

To the Stanford Cardinal Ladies Basketball:   A++++ on the UConn exam.

To Suzanne:  I don’t know how you dealt with me this year but you did, I’ll try to make 2011 more enjoyable.

2010 FanFest

Back from the track and mission completed.  Got all three drivers to sign their cars.  Harvick came out first and he was signing hats, posters and t-shirts.  James and I might have been the only ones with cars to be signed.  Kevin signed my car and I thanked him for signing it and for dumping Kyle.  He smiled and gave the thumbs up.  Day was made right there.  Jeff came down a little later, lots of 24 fans here in Vegas.  Jeff signed just about everyone he passed going to the stage.  Jimmie followed Jeff and he signed the HMS Always in our Hearts die cast.  Great day at the track.

The only down side was the red carpet was cut in length by 50 %. As the drivers started to walk the red carpet people tried to fill in against the guard rail.  Made it difficult to move so I only was able to get cars signed. Sorry no pic.  Will try for pic tomorrow at “After the Lap”.