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Olivia and Zamu Showcase

Drove down to Phoenix to taken in the Zamu Tour April 26th. John Easterling founded of Amazon Herb Company gave an informative presentation on his new product ZAMU. For more information on this product as well as the rest of his Amazon Rainforest product I have place a link to their website.

The following is for my Olivia Newton-John friends.

Good friend Cori and I attended this stop. The presentation last about 2 hours and afterwards John and Olivia had a meet and greet with the attendees. Cori had Olivia sign a Nashville Poster and 2000 Olympics CD. They chatted and both were laughing and John was standing back and enjoying the two of them has fun.

When I went up to greet Olivia and John, John said “Hi, Rolf” I said “Hi John”. Olivia winked at me and said “Whats in here?” as she reached for the bag I had place on the table. I think John was a little shocked that Olivia went straight for the bag. No “hello” or “how are you”. I told that I had her Godiva biscuits and Easter eggs for her and John and cookies for their two dogs, Jack and Sherlock” She said “cookies for the dogs? That’s soo cute.” She told John “he always brings me goodies”.

I asked her if she wouldn’t mind signing a couple of things. No Problem. She signed Suzanne’s favorite CD – Grace and Gratitude and a photo for one of her co-workers.

While she was signing we chatted about a few things but mostly about doing another Vegas concert and she said maybe in 2010. So I am hoping.

John, Olivia and I at Phoenix Zamu Showcase.John, Olivia and I at Phoenix Zamu Showcase.

Olivia at the Ryman

We just got back from Nashville today Feb. 27th. Suzanne and I took a quick trip back east to see Olivia Newton John in concert. I haven’t seen her in concert for several years and have never been to the historical Ryman for a concert, so when this show was announced it was a given that I would be there.

All the effort to get to this concert was worth it. Olivia was in perfect shape, and her vocals were great too. She turned 60 last year but could pass for 45. She sang all of hits and even had a special guest, Barry Gibb, join her on stage. What an amazing show.

She is one artist who realizes that her fans have changed her life and she is gives all of her gratitude back to them.

Having been a fan of hers for 35 years I am happy to be seeing her in concert one more time. But if she performs close to Vegas again I will be there again.
Barry Gibb and Olivia Newton-John
Ryman Auditorium Nashville Tn.  2008Barry Gibb and Olivia Newton-John Ryman Auditorium Nashville Tn. 2008

2010 Year Review

2010 was a difficult year for me.  Lost two people who meant a lot to me. My uncle past on July 1st.  He took us to snow when we where kids, always there if you need a helping hand.  One of the biggest Stanford fans.  I know he is happy this year.  His Cardinals are doing great.

Capt Phil Harris died in Feb. I only met him once for maybe 5 minutes but after talking to him I felt like I had know him my whole life. Commercial fishermen have that kind of bond.  Watching Deadliest Catch is “strange” without being there.

I want to give a shout out for those people/moments that made some of the days of 2010 enjoyable:

To James and Lori: thanks for being good friends to Suzanne and I, yall always got my back.

To Marty: Thanks for getting us out of the house in Feb.  You, George, Reba and LeAnn, it was a great concert.

To Jr.:  July 2nd at Daytona  # 3 in victory lane again.

To Al D:  Only you understand my sickness.  # 3 forever.

To the Freak, the Beard, the Panda and the rest of the San Francisco Giants: World Series Champs!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now I have seen all three SF sports team win a championship.

To DEGA: What a great time at the BEST track in NASCAR. Lap # 3 Jr. leading them 3 wide.

To the Stanford Cardinal Football:   A++++

To the Stanford Cardinal Ladies Basketball:   A++++ on the UConn exam.

To Suzanne:  I don’t know how you dealt with me this year but you did, I’ll try to make 2011 more enjoyable.

2010 FanFest

Back from the track and mission completed.  Got all three drivers to sign their cars.  Harvick came out first and he was signing hats, posters and t-shirts.  James and I might have been the only ones with cars to be signed.  Kevin signed my car and I thanked him for signing it and for dumping Kyle.  He smiled and gave the thumbs up.  Day was made right there.  Jeff came down a little later, lots of 24 fans here in Vegas.  Jeff signed just about everyone he passed going to the stage.  Jimmie followed Jeff and he signed the HMS Always in our Hearts die cast.  Great day at the track.

The only down side was the red carpet was cut in length by 50 %. As the drivers started to walk the red carpet people tried to fill in against the guard rail.  Made it difficult to move so I only was able to get cars signed. Sorry no pic.  Will try for pic tomorrow at “After the Lap”.

JRM FanDays

Once again I made the long drive from Dega to JRM and back in one day.  It was an easy drive there and a total pain coming home but it was all worth it.

After I parked my truck I was greeted by JRM employee Allen.  It has been three years since I was last there and he still remembered me.  That leaves a great impression on a guest.   We chatted for a bit as he was directing traffic and people while the displays were being set-up.  I went to the check in area to receive my wristband for the autograph session. The ladies were warm and cheerful as they check my name off the list. They put a silver wristband on me and I was set to go.

With a couple of hours before the line would start to develop I made the rounds of the vendors that sponsor cars of JRM.  Nationwide Insurance, Hunts Bros Pizza, Vienna Sausage and Earnhardt Outdoors were there among others.  Earnhardt Outdoors has Kerry Earnhardt handling the their show.  Thanks to Twitter I learned that Kerry would be at JRM so I showed up with a few items for him to sign.

Kerry was more than happy to talk about racing, fishing and the housing line he was promoting.   He signed a couple of die cast and a very old hero card.  He must have still been in his teens in the hero card and we both laughed about how we have changed over the years.



Then it was off to wait in line for the Dale Jr. autograph session.  You do that a lot for a Dale Jr. autograph.  Wait in line for the wristband,  then wait in line to go in for the autograph session and then finally wait in line for Dale Jr. to sign your item.

There were other drivers in the session with Dale Jr., Chase Elliot, Cole Custer and Kasey Kahne, but I was there to get an autograph from Dale Jr.  The most difficult part of going to one of these sessions is choosing which item you want signed.  I’ve got hundreds of items to choose from and this time I picked one of my treasured die cast.  His 2010 Hallowdega die cast.


While Dale Jr. was signing, I asked him if he got the BBQ rubs and sauces I asked Kelley to drop off.  He said he did.  I joked with him about liking Myron Nixon BBQ and that he should try Johnny Trigg BBQ.  He replied “he’s great”.  I had to remove a few die casts from my bag to get out a Johnny Trigg BBQ kit.  And told him that Johnny Trigg is the man in BBQ, try his stuff and you know for sure who is better.

I repacked my bag with the Hallowdega die cast and as I was putting back the die casts,  Dale Jr. pulled his Mom & Pop’s Camaro aside and signed that one as well.  Glad I left that one out. Wink.  I took a chance that Dale Jr. would see it and sign it and he did.


I thanked Dale Jr. for signing the Camaro, and off I went. Allen was greeting all the autograph session winners as the left and talked for a few seconds and then left to come back home.

All the fun for the day was over.  Pain was next, the drive home.  Over 7 hours of driving.  Lots of stop and go when I got to the Georgia state line and it didn’t clear out until I reached Alabama. From there on home the drive was fine.

Looking back it was a long day but a very fruitful day.  I do believe that Dale Jr. must think of me as the BBQ guy.  Guess there are worse things to be known as.

Devoted Dale Jr. Fan

When tickets were released for Dale Earnhardt Jr. autograph session at the NASCAR Hall of Fame I wasn’t sure if I would attend but I decided to reserve my tickets any how. I was able to reserve his tickets as well as tickets for Kyle Larson, Ryan Newman and Chase Elliot.   If I was unable to attend I knew there would be fans that I could give the tickets away to.   The event was still two weeks away so I had time to decide.  It’s 6 hours of driving each way for maybe 30 seconds to visit with the driver.  The following week I decided that if my GF wanted to go meet Dale Jr. we would go.  I knew that she wouldn’t enjoy a full day of autograph sessions so I gave away my other tickets and we were going to just attend the one Dale Jr. session

She has attended meet and greets for singers: Martina McBride and  Olivia Newton-John.  These singers spent time talking to her and taking pics with her. The Friday before the event I told her not to expect to much from the autograph session.  Usually you get a couple of seconds in front of Dale Jr.  while he signs one item and then you are moved along.

We made the long drive Saturday morning and arrived just before the session was entering the theater where the sessions took place. We were in the middle of the line about @100 fans in front of us.  As the session progressed I watched as Dale Jr. spent time with everyone. he was smiling, looking each fan, saying “hi” or “thanks” and even more surprising he was taking pics with fans.

As we got into the autograph line I reach into my pocket and I did not have the gift I was going to hand Dale Jr.  He is getting into BBQ and I picked up one of the dry rubs that I used on pork.  I quickly ran back to my seat, found the rub and got back in line just as my GF was in front of him.  She handed him 2 cars to sign and he signed both! Seeing that I had returned she asked if she could get a photo taken.  Dale Jr. said “sure”suzannenDale

Then I was next, I had place an old “hero card” down on the table and one of the other drivers was checking it out.  I told him that was Dale Jr. when he was a kid.  Jr. saw the photo and said: “I was just a kid then”



He then sign his 2014  Daytona 500 win car.  Before I left I handed him the dry rub.  The label reads: “Rub A Butt”.  When Jr. saw the label he said: “What!”  I told him it was dry rub for BBQ.  He said : “thanks, I’ll try it.”

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but for Dale Jr. that outgoing.  He is reserve around new people and being as popular as he is I can understand why. Everyone wants a “piece” of him.  He is the main reason why NASCAR is still around.  His fans are loyal and dedicated.  I am one of them and without us NASCAR would suffer.   We are all hoping 2015 continues where 2014 left off with more win this year.




Jeff Gordon last drive for a Championship

Jeff Gordon’s full statement on final full-time season


“As a race car driver, much of what I’ve done throughout my life has been based on following my instincts and trying to make good decisions. I thought long and hard about my future this past year and during the offseason, and I’ve decided 2015 will be the last time I compete for a championship. I won’t use the ‘R-word’ because I plan to stay extremely busy in the years ahead, and there’s always the possibility I’ll compete in selected events, although I currently have no plans to do that. “I don’t foresee a day when I’ll ever step away from racing. I’m a fan of all forms of motor sports, but particularly NASCAR. We have a tremendous product, and I’m passionate about the business and its future success. As an equity owner in Hendrick Motorsports, I’m a partner with Rick (Hendrick) and will remain heavily involved with the company for many years to come. It means so much to have the chance to continue working with the owner who took a chance on me and the incredible team that’s stood behind me every step of the way. “Racing has provided a tremendous amount of opportunity that’s been extraordinarily rewarding and fulfilling in my life. The work we’re doing with the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation will continue to be extremely important to me. Outside the race car, my passion is pediatric cancer research, and my efforts will remain focused there when I’m no longer driving. “I’ll explore opportunities for the next phase of my career, but my primary focus now and throughout 2015 will be my performance in the No. 24 Chevrolet. I’m going to pour everything I have into this season and look forward to the challenge of competing for one last championship. “To everyone at NASCAR, my teammates, sponsors, competitors, friends, family, members of the media and especially our incredible fans, all I can say is thank you.”

Everyone who know me knows I am an Earnhardt fan for life.  Dale Sr.,  Dale Jr., Kerry, Kelley or even Karsyn I will also be your fan.  But saying that I do greatly respect Jeff Gordon.   He showed the passion that he still has to win when he went after Brad K.  Jeff is a great driver and an outstanding person.

At the end of the 2015 season NASCAR is miss the icon that Jeff Gordon is.  Will NASCAR survive with out Jeff, just barely.

Jr. Finally Wins a Clock

This has been a great season if you are a Dale Jr. fan.  The only downer of the season was Jr. not being in the final four at Homestead.   Jr. needed a win at Talladega to keep his chances alive and that didn’t happen. With four race to go, Jr.  was out of the Championship.

To Jr. and Steve (Jr.’s Crew Chief) they bounced right back and won at Martinsville.  A race special for both Jr. and Hendricks Motorsports.  For Jr. the history of Martinsville places this track high up on tracks he wants to have a win at.  And for 29 races at this track Jr. had not won.  That all changed this weekend.   Jr. finally closed the deal at Martinsville.  Steve made a late race pit call and put four fresh tires on Jr.’s # 88. With 5 laps to go Jr. restarted in 5th. With 3 laps to go Jr. slide under Tony Stewart for the lead and out ran Jeff Gordon the remaining laps for the win.


Once again this season Jr. drove like is father who had won here 6 times.  He saw his opening and took it.  He knew that Jeff also had a great car and wouldn’t give him a chance to get to his bumper.  After hearing all those clocks chime at dad’s house he wanted on of his own.  And today was his day to get it.



Polaris Supreme 9 Day / Part 4

As Friday ended, I was feeling blessed to have taken this trip.  Anyone who wanted to caught, tuna (Yellowfin or Bluefin), Yellowtail and Wahoo had more than ample chances to catch their fill of these fish.  The only fish that did not want to find the Polaris Supreme this trip was Dorado or Mahi Mahi.  But the amazing wahoo fishing more than made up for the absence of Dorado

Now all the hard work would begin: Tearing down of fishing outfits, stowing fishing tackle, packing up clothes and planning what to do with all those fish when we arrive back in San Diego on Saturday.

My main concern was making it to the airport in time for my Saturday flight.  I really didn’t want to fly out the same day we returned but I knew if I stay around in San Diego too long I wouldn’t want to go home.

Saturday morning the unloading of tackle, gear and fish when smoothly.  I dropped of 2 wahoo and 2 Yellowfin tuna to 5 Star Fish Processing. On my last trip they handled all of my fish and air shipped them to me without any problems.   I highly recommend their services when you return from your long range trip.

I would like to say it was a joy to fish with my fellow anglers on this trip.  We had various skill levels on this trip. From hot stiks to novices, we all fished together without any problems or drama.  That is something that is rare on these trips.

Final words are for the great folks of the Polaris Supreme.  Susan and Tommy always treat me like family.  Drew, Jed and the crew were always ready to lend a hand, a gaff or a verbal jab when needed.  I know I said it before but the food was amazing.  Thanks Chef Mike and Gringo.

If I could find the time every year this would be the trip I would take every year.  And if you are thinking about going on a long range trip give the Polaris Supreme a try.

Polaris Supreme 9 Day / Part 3


As we left the Rocks and headed back up the line towards San Diego I knew that I was just part of an amazing wahoo bite. Usually if you get 2 wahoo on a fall trip you’ve have a great catch. Well the last day and a half at the Rocks I landed 5 wahoo and I was near the bottom of wahoo landed on the boat. In years past I’ve caught more than my fair share of the wahoo catch. This year I wanted to enjoy the fishing more and not worry about being the hot stik on the boat.

A couple of other factors have to be mentioned here. First of I don’t like to see fish go to waste. So I only kept what I needed for my personal use and my friends. I gave 2 fish to Terry and the final one was for Tommy and Susan Rothery. I told them if fishing was good I would get them one. I know that those fish were going to “good homes”. Secondly I would have to pay for the fish to be cleaned, filleted and then air shipped to my home. So I really didn’t want to catch a lot of wahoo. When I landed the two 40 lb. plus fish that was all I needed for my needs.

The rest of Monday was a travel day. That gave us plenty of time to re-load our reels with fresh line and repair any reels. I re-loaded by 50 lb. jig reel and then went below for a nap. I woke up our afternoon snack and then took another nap, woke up for dinner, played some cards and then went to sleep for the night a nice and relaxing day.

Tuesday and Wednesday, we were fishing for yellowtails as we traveled up the line. Drew hit various spots and we had some success, but I don’t think many of us had your hearts into it. After catching wahoo, catching yellows was “boring”. LOL… I spent the days trying to hook yellows on lures that I hadn’t used in years. Old school lures that many had heard of but never used. The one that worked the best was a 4 oz. green mackerel painted Crocodile. The best thing about fishing a Crocodile you don’t have to crank it fast. I’d catch one take a break, when we got to the next spot I’d try the Croc again. If it didn’t work there I’d wait for the next spot and try again. By late afternoon I called it a day. Really didn’t need any more yellows and was completely stuffed from the breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks.  By 5 PM I didn’t have any room for dinner so off to my bunk I went.

Wednesday we were further up the line and yellowtail fishing again. Most of today for me was a rest day. Eat a little, nap a little, eat a little, play some cards, nap a little. Didn’t fish much as we still had two more days left to hit the US tuna grounds and I wanted to be ready for that. I did mention that I wasn’t in fishing shape. Getting old and not fishing regularly, I was dragging on Wednesday. The crew did give me grief again but that’s to be expected.

For the past week now I had been eating like a king on the Polaris Supreme. Breakfast to order, wonderful hearty lunches, afternoon snacks to die for and dinners that any restaurant would be proud to serve. The Supreme only carries 24 passengers. Yet there food bill is equal to boats that carry 30 passengers, so you get the best on the Supreme. It not often that you have baby lamb chops for afternoon snacks. All I can say is the food was 5 stars.

Thursday, we are now at Cortez Bank making bait at sunrise. First time all trip were are making bait. The small mackerel were biting full speed as the sun came up. Four hook rig four mackerel, eight hook rig eight mackerel every hook had a mackerel in less than an hour we filled the tanks. Now off to the tuna grounds nearby. The hunt for tuna begins but not much action this morning. A jig strike here and there, then were finally hit a school of YFT’s. These are decent size 18 lbs. and up. Better than what they were catching last week. We continue to fish this area and are rewarded with more stops on YFT. Most of the fish are biting the live mackerel but I am using my old standby jig. Salas 6X Jr. in blue and white. For me it’s more fun to catch them on iron. When the bite slows you can always toss live bait and still get bit. I get a couple of fish on the jig, take a break and then get a couple of bait. Then its first call for lunch. Chef Mike is serving monster burgers for lunch. They look more like steaks than burgers. I know once I sit down I’ll be there for a while, but I got YFTs already and I want that “burger”.

Thursday was great for those who wanted to catch tuna.  Even a few Bluefin tuna were landed and we still had another day to go.

Our final day,  Friday on the tuna grounds was similar to the day before.  Very good Yellowfin tuna strikes on meter marks.  At times there were even biting on 50 lb. mono.  I landed a couple very quickly on 50 lb. ; Sashimi grade yellowfin tuna in the RSW.



stay tuned for part 4