Jr. Sweeps Pocono

It Aug. 3rd, Sunday evening and all is right again in Jr. Nation. NASCAR’s most popular driver wins his third race of the season by completing the Pocono Sweep.  This win at Pocono was not caused by another driver’s misfortune (trash on the grille). Steve Letrate, Dale Jr’s crew chief played all the cards right and Jr. took the lead in the final 15 laps.  When the caution flag waved there would be one more chance for another driver to steal the win from Dale Jr.  Dale Jr. took the outside starting position with kevin Harvick on the inside.

With 3 laps to go Dale jr. took the lead on the restart and held off Harvick to the checkered flag.  In those 3 laps Dale Jr. may have shown the NASCAR world that he maybe finally to win a championship. With Steve Letrate in his final season as Dale Jr’s Crew Chief and the swagger the Jr. has it may well happen this year.

What would a Dale Jr. Championship mean?  Well for NASCAR it might stop the annual decline in attendance.  Its a simple that when Dale Jr. wins more people show up at the race track. For Dale Jr. it might end all the talk about how he just got his job because of his last name.  Championships are not won by the name over the door.  They are won by a talented team that includes a driver, crew chief, pit crew and team owner.  Right now the 88 team has all of those.

And I am sure that Dale Sr. is looking down right now and thinking they screwed up NASCAR but my son is driving his heart out.