NASCAR Road Trip May 2011

Its been a long and fun week.  We left Vegas early Tuesday morning.  Arrived in Bama to check out the house.  Everything was fine during our walk though.  House does need a little work, nothing major, new carpet in the guest bedrooms, re-build the deck “my way” and add a washer/dyer.  We left early Wednesday morning to head to Mooresville N.C.  for Dale Earnhardt Day.  Had a little weather early but then clear skies the rest of the way.  Had dinner that night a Big Daddy’s Seafood.  Good food lots of it and everything is deep fried.   This is the south you know.  Next day visited the race shops off of I 85.  Hit Hendricks and Stewart-Hass, Sam Bass Gallery was closed.  Then North to Richard Childress Racing and Vineyards.  Kenny and Steve treated us great at the gift shop.  Saw Richard as he was leaving the Vineyards.  He was busy talking on the phone but took a second to wave and say hi.   Finished the day with a drive on the old highways back to Mooresville to Jr. Motorsports.  They was a good collection of Dale Jr. die cast on displayed.  That night we had Caroline Ribs on the run BBQ.  Some of the best BBQ I have ever had.

Friday was Dale Earnhardt Day at DEI.  Other than the introduction of the 2011 Intimidator Camaros the only other highlight was hanging out with Al and other Dale Earnhardt fans. Gift shop was understocked in t-shirts.  Very few Large t’s and even fewer XL’s.  If i would have flown out from Vegas just for this event I would have be very disappointed.

We left early Sat. morning to get back to Bama.  People were calling all week asking me about the house.  My answer was its not my house yet, so don’t worry.  The house was fine The area its in was bypassed by the storms.  Most of Saturday was just spent driving around.  Took it easy Saturday night with Suzanne.