Driving Dega

Driving a race car at my favorite track.  A few things on my mind: can I still drive a clutch?, do I have the “balls” to go wide open into the turn? would I do all ten laps? would I want more???  The one thing that never crossed my mind was not being able to climb into the seat.  I should have done some flexability exercises.  This old body doesn’t bend too well.

Driver meeting: does and don’t, driver intros: wave to the “fans”, Driver pics: proof you were there.  Now the fun begins. well almost for me.  Spent a little extra trying to get into the car.  There are no doors, you climb in, I knew that just didn’t know how difficult it would be for me.  Finally I get all strapped in tight, really tight, won’t have to worry about having kids anymore. My instructor and I go over the hand signals and then he say lets go!!  I get it going in 1st gear –  yeah I didn’t stall it in the pits!!!!  Down pit road to the exit, shift to second, pass the start finsih line shift to third, still on the apron and into turn 1, into turn 2 shift to fouth.  down the back stretch and up to the wall to pick up speed.  Ok going about 90 and heading into turn 3.  All the turns are banked a 33 degrees, that is steeper than any hill in San Francisco. I know I not going fast but I wonder how it is going to make this turn.  No worries Turn 3 and 4 now down the front tri-oval and still picking up speed.  Doing about 130 mph now and having fun.  Lap one is done and I’m thinking this is easy.  WRONG!!!!  Doing 140 mph and here comes turn1.  Its pucker time. The car stuck and tracked around turn 1 and 2 with no problems. I’m thinking that was a rush but do I want to do it again???  Too late here comes Turn 3 and 4.

My instructor coaches me though the turns and back down the front tri-oval.  Lap 2 is complete!.  Lap 3 is the same speed and its going a fraction easier. Lap 4 instructor has me push the speed up a little.  And I do 150 moh.  All I am thinking about is hiting my marks into the turns and out of them. Lap 5 we push up the speed a little more. Same speed for Laps 6,7 and 8.  Lap 9 we make a another jump in speed ( 169 mph)  Lap 10 pushed a little more and topped the spped charts at 171.33 mph.  Didn’t even see them wave the checkered flag.   Did my slow down lap and back to the pits.  It was at least a once in a lifetime experience for any fans of NACAR and if you love Talladega like I do then its a must.  I may do it again to see if i can go faster. I even got Suzanne to do a ride a long, and she had a great time with her driver.  What an amazing way to end the week.  Can’t wait for our dvd’s to show up.  We also made a donation to the Alabama Tornado fund.  Dale Jarrett Racing Adventures was taking donation during their classes.

Monday we did all the legal stuff to take claim to our Bama home. Then we flew back to Vegas to start the “fun” of packing.  Today we picked up Saber from the Vet and took her out and came back home and just relaxed for a day