2011 Las Vegas Race week Sunday

Very good day at the track today.  Got there @ 8 AM and went to my secret spot for driver pics.  Was able to get a few more but no Smoke or Happy.  I had cars for them to sign but it didn’t work.  Sunday really isn’t the best day to get autographs.  It is funny how few people here at the Vegas race actually know anything about the race.  Its more of an event that you can say you went to and be seen at.  Drivers like Jeff Burton, Clint Bowyer, even the race winner slipped by people.  For now Trevor Bayne is the new darling of NASCAR.  That will last until the time NASCAR comes to Daytona and he doesn’t win.  LOL. 

Watched the driver intros with Suzanne and then went to our seats for the race.  I spent the whole day listening to Jr./TJ/Letrate.  Very different relationship with this combo.  Letrate and Jr. work very well together.  Jr.’s feedback is in plain English.  Not one word of Junebugese was heard today.  There is feedback going both ways in a constructive way.  I dare say the the winless streak will end soon. When you start 35th and get a top 10 thats a good day.  None of the HMS cars had enough speed to compete today with Smoke or Carl. Jr. is now 10th in points with back to back top 10’s.

Getting out of the speedway can be trying  but the Dale Earnhardt in me got us out of there and home in under 40 minutes.

going to sit back and relax with Suzanne tonight.  Perfect way to end this weekend.