2011 Las Vegas Race week Friday

Got to the track around 10 AM and got my Cold Pass for the garage area. (Access when cars are not  going in and out of pits or racing.) Got to the garage area just before 11.  Checked out east side of the pits and found all the HMS cars, Kyle and a few others on that side.  Stopped to take out Jr.’s # 3 Wrangler car just in case I see him.  Zipper up my backpack and there he is walking past.  Caught up to him and asked if he would sign my car.  He reached over for the car, then looked at me, (dressed in Wrangler Twill), he smiled signed the car and handed it back. I said “Thank you Jr.” loud enough that he heard it and just smiled back. Less than 10 minutes in the garage area and I finally got my in person Jr. autograph. My NASCAR weekend was made.  Spend time on pit row taking shots of cars coming in from a practice run.  Got restless and went over to the Nationwide garage.  Most of the team were done for the day, just a few cars being worked on. Saw Tony Sr. and said hi.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the stands waiting and then watching the Cup qualifier.  Great day at the track.