Las Vegas Race week 2011 Thursday

The day started around 9:20.  Off to the track.  Got to the gate just before 10 AM and then we just waited for an hour at Gate B to open.  At 11 AM they opened the gate and we hurried  to the Neon Garage.  That mean walking below the stands. down the stairs then under the race way, pit row and back up to the Neon Garage.  Then we waiting until 1:30 for the drivers to appear.

Observations:  Drivers -Mark is small, Danica might be taller. Carl loves to talk, Trevor is the new golden child of the fans, Danica is still learning this Nascar Fan stuff.  Fans – If you want an autograph get in line early and wait it out.  Treat the drivers with a little more respect.  Trying saying “hi” and “thank you”.

Signing lasted an hour and lots of people were turned away.  I was able to get Mark, Kevin and Dancia to sign there cars. Picked up autographed photocards from all the drivers. Then off we went back to the strip.

Stood in line again at the Pub for Mikey.  Had a pleasant conversation with Mikey.  About his new book and winning at Daytona.

Now I’m home and ready to crash and do it all again tomorrow.  Cup Pole Day and more Nationwide practice.