2009 Fan Fest

Perfect weather, great fans and very friendly Chase Drivers. I would not say they signed everything but they sure signed a lot of items. From my viewpoint the favorites today were Smoke, Jimmy, Jeff, Mark and Carl. For those of you who dislike Juan, he was the most friendly with fans/non fans of all the drivers. He posed and joke with the fans in my area.

I went with the hope of get to see Smoke and maybe get a car signed. Tony was two people and then he turn to the other side of the RED Carpet to continue signing. When I thought at least I got to see Tony up close. He past me on the other side, then turned to return to my side of the red carpet. So I begged a little, yelling “Tony, Please sign my die cast” He looked over saw the Home Depot car and came right over and signed on roof. When he finished I said a very loud “Thank you, Tony” He looked up and smiled. My day was made.

My co-worked had gotten a car signed by Kurt Busch and as Jeff Gordon came by he had Jeff sign his jacket. With Jeff right there I place my other die cast in front of him and he signed that too. That car is going to make a good friend very happy this Xmas. She is a big “24” fan. Co-worker also got a car signed by Jimmy. I didn’t think that Jimmy would be signing much be he signed as much as any of the drivers.

I have a of all the chase cars and a few shots of drivers walking down the Red Carpet. Check the FanFest photo album. I have two more event to attend so I will update more late this week. Right now just enjoying a great day at LVMS.

Thanks LVMS for a wonderful time today. Can’t wait for your 2010 race.