2010 RedRooster 5 Day

First off I would like to thank the anglers who signed up last and had to make changes to their plans to go fishing. I hope all of you can join us this year. Some of you have already sent in your deposits; thank you.

The 2010 trip is a little different that the usual trips we plan on the Red Rooster III. The dates have been changed to late Sept. rather than early Aug. This increases our change of getting good YFT at Guadalupe Island. As well as maybe an outside chance of a stray wahoo or two.

We have also changed the passenger load from 30 down to 26. That will decrease some but not all of the traffic at the bait tank. So I am looking forward to going fishing with all of you. I might be a little rusty since it will be over 2 years without going fishing when the trip arrives. Just saying that hurts.

sea ya soon,


Guadalupe YFT on 25lb. test

Guadalupe YFT on 25lb. test