2010 FanFest

Back from the track and mission completed.  Got all three drivers to sign their cars.  Harvick came out first and he was signing hats, posters and t-shirts.  James and I might have been the only ones with cars to be signed.  Kevin signed my car and I thanked him for signing it and for dumping Kyle.  He smiled and gave the thumbs up.  Day was made right there.  Jeff came down a little later, lots of 24 fans here in Vegas.  Jeff signed just about everyone he passed going to the stage.  Jimmie followed Jeff and he signed the HMS Always in our Hearts die cast.  Great day at the track.

The only down side was the red carpet was cut in length by 50 %. As the drivers started to walk the red carpet people tried to fill in against the guard rail.  Made it difficult to move so I only was able to get cars signed. Sorry no pic.  Will try for pic tomorrow at “After the Lap”.