Smoke, will return?

Most of you know what happened and most of you have your opinion of the accident. I’m not here to change anyone’s mind. Here to discuss what will Tony Steward do next. Disclaimer here: I do not know Tony personally.

As of writing this blog, Tony has removed himself from the # 14 SHR car for the past 3 races. With the only 2 races left to make the Chase I really do not think Tony will race in those 2 races. He may not even return to the # 14 this season. Tony when he returns will have to deal with the media. The questions will be endless and Tony is not the best will dealing with the media even under good circumstances. So waiting for next season to make his return to me seem the best option for him.

Tony and SHR have other things besides racing to deal with right now. Even if there are no criminal charges there maybe a wrongful death civil suit against Tony and SHR. If you are wondering why Tony has been quiet about the accident this is why. With all the hurtful attacks on Tony it is best just to keep a low profile and keep quiet. Don’t give anyone a chance to draw more attention on Tony. If Tony has lawyer up its the safe thing to do.

My final thought is that maybe this accident may have taken all of Tony’s passion for racing away. I hope that is not the case. Love him or hate him, Tony is a great race driver and NASCAR will miss him if he doesn’t return.