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Oct. 2016

Its been a longtime since I wrote a new blog.  Things have been a little crazy the last year .  There was a new addition to our family.  We adopted a German Shepherd.


Our new big guy is named Sammy Dale Earnhardt.  Sammy was a rescue from Helping German Shepherds of Every Color.  He has a great personality.   He loves just about everyone and is great company for Reba.


Reba Whiteshoes Johnson is very cute but she is more like a cat sometimes than a dog. So now we are a two dog household..

Other things have kept me busy but I am going to post a blog at least once a month. Stay Tuned.

2010 Year Review

2010 was a difficult year for me.  Lost two people who meant a lot to me. My uncle past on July 1st.  He took us to snow when we where kids, always there if you need a helping hand.  One of the biggest Stanford fans.  I know he is happy this year.  His Cardinals are doing great.

Capt Phil Harris died in Feb. I only met him once for maybe 5 minutes but after talking to him I felt like I had know him my whole life. Commercial fishermen have that kind of bond.  Watching Deadliest Catch is “strange” without being there.

I want to give a shout out for those people/moments that made some of the days of 2010 enjoyable:

To James and Lori: thanks for being good friends to Suzanne and I, yall always got my back.

To Marty: Thanks for getting us out of the house in Feb.  You, George, Reba and LeAnn, it was a great concert.

To Jr.:  July 2nd at Daytona  # 3 in victory lane again.

To Al D:  Only you understand my sickness.  # 3 forever.

To the Freak, the Beard, the Panda and the rest of the San Francisco Giants: World Series Champs!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now I have seen all three SF sports team win a championship.

To DEGA: What a great time at the BEST track in NASCAR. Lap # 3 Jr. leading them 3 wide.

To the Stanford Cardinal Football:   A++++

To the Stanford Cardinal Ladies Basketball:   A++++ on the UConn exam.

To Suzanne:  I don’t know how you dealt with me this year but you did, I’ll try to make 2011 more enjoyable.